Long Island hooker serving up dirty dogs!

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The irony is almost too much to even point out… But I will… Sex out of a hot dog truck, yup!   Well, technically she’s not serving her buns out of the hot dog truck anymore.  She got busted for that once already.  Now her buns are being served on a platter out of her East Rockaway home. The mother of four, Catherine Scalia, 45, was arrested last Thursday when she offered an undercover cop an extra side dish for his wiener. Scalia has plead not guilty to the prostitution charge and was held on $2,000 bail.


The recent take down at her Baldwin stand came after complaints were made by disgusted residents saying Scalia was handing out suggestive business cards. The company card for “Strips-R-Us” featured a dated photo and a list of potential offerings including bachelor-party services, “one-on-one strips” and a “topless cleaning service.”



Once back at her East Rockaway wiener palace, Scalia performed a $100 striptease for the police officer before presenting him with a most tempting offer… “She agreed to manually stimulate him for an additional $50,” said Nassau County Police spokesman Kevin Smith. Look at her hussle! I’m all for a NYC dirty water dog… but this woman can keep her grimy frankfurters for herself.

Disturbing on several levels….

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A lot of people worry about consuming too much soda and it being unhealthy, with all the artificial sweeteners and the caffeine etc etc.  Well, a new lawsuit being brought up against PepsiCo may trigger more concern than just a lil ol’ caffeine.  According to the Huffington Post, a man from Wisconsin, Ronald Ball, is claiming that in 2009 he opened a can of Mountain Dew from a vending machine, tasted something foul, and proceeded to spit out a dead mouse {disturbing part #1}…. yuck!!!!  Ball claims he then sent the mouse to PepsiCo and PepsiCo destroyed the mouses body {disturbing part #2}.  PepsiCo wants the lawsuit dismissed… and this is why – Their expert claims that the “acid used when the drink is bottled would have caused the rodent to transform into a ‘jelly-like’ substance” {disturbing part #3}.  PepsiCo are you saying that this man is lying, that he did not encounter a dead mouse’s body, because one of your ingredients is capable of turning solid matter into gelatinous goo? The article further explains that Mountain Dew’s liquifying capabilities may have been enhanced by yet another ingredient in the fizzley beverage: brominated vegetable oil (BVO). This chemical is banned in Europe and Japan, but is allowed in limited quantities for use in drinks like Mountain Dew, Squirt, Fanta Orange, Gatorade Orange, and Powerade Strawberry Lemonade.  Did we mention BVO is a flame retardant material {disturbing part #4}?   Other than gagging the entire time I wrote this article I do believe I just added a bunch of items to my “Do Not Drink” list… ugh.

Keep your bevs chilled at your desk!

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Sometimes you want to just reach out and smooch the creative minds behind some products!  This is one of them {the ingenious printed mold sandwich bags is another one!}.  Like we said in the sandwich bag post, falling victim to a work place lunch theft situation can be heartbreaking and infuriating.  And when an entire brown bag of goods isn’t safe you know that a single can of soda is like a sitting duck.  Often I wouldn’t even bother to put my drink in the break room refrigerator, I’d just leave it at my desk… and while a room temperature can of soda or iced tea isn’t the world’s worst thing it certainly isn’t ideal.  This toy size refrigerator is powered by a USB cord that you hook up to your computer… a little blue LED light even clicks on when opened.  It holds a single can of perfectly chilled liquid.  Now if only it had a switch that made your work day speed up!  Click on over to Thinkgeek.com to order yours for only $19.99.

Family… Friends… and Chinese take-out

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Amanda Knox has finally returned home to her family and the United States, after successfully having her conviction overturned for the murder of her roommate in 2007 in Perugia, Italy.  Her family threw a welcome home party for her where dearly missed family and friends gathered.  She has ventured out at night a few times, though during these times she tries to stay under the radar.  One of her first meals home with her family was Chinese take-out, her father told reporters.  I wonder if it’s hard to get good Chinese take-out in Italy?

Edible crazes of the past year

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Twenty-eleven… a year chock full of food trends, some that will probably have a lasting impact – and others that we can certainly do without!  Let’s send 2011 off with a list of 11 of its crazes we’ve seen in the last 365 days:


1. Green Juice & Fresh Pressed Juice – a member of the “superfoods” trend.. not only for the health conscious – they’re getting more and more flavorful and attracting the taste buds of foodies as well!


2. Gluten Free – for the wheat protein intolerant, the options for this diet are expanding tremendously and you can pretty much find whatever you feel like eating in a GF variety.  Don’t be fooled though – this is no weight loss trick.. just because you cut out the gluten doesn’t mean you’ve cut out fat or sugar!


3. Locally Sourced Food – we’re all about going local – sustainability people, sustainability!


4. Organic everything – from veggies to meats organic is the buzz!  We’re on the path towards eliminating synthetic fertilizers, artificial pesticides, herbicides, antibiotics, growth hormones, feed additives or genetically modified organisms (GMOs) from our diets.


5. Revamping School Lunches – we have our sights set on balancing the diets of America’s youth.  Getting these kids on the path towards nutrition!


6. Artisan products – specialty foods and stores are big now… no more mass producing of things, we’re going back to  hand-crafted with high-quality ingredients.  You’re taste buds will absolutely hold onto this trend.


7. Move Over Cupcakes – Whoopie Pies and Macaroons took the sweetness spotlight this year.  They had a place in every bakery and coffee shop and started appearing in some fancy new flavors too!


8. Bite Size Everything – from cake pops and mini sweetie pies to tapas style dining and soirees filled with mini ceramic spoons boasting a single bite of yummy’ness, Tiny was the big thing.


9. DIY Canning – or as Nonna calls it “putting up” {like for the winter}.  Whatever you’re calling it canning, preserving, pickling, it made a comeback!


10. Apps for the Appetite – OpenTable lets us make a reservation on the go, UrbanSpoon gives us great spots to eat depending on our locale, and GiltCity allows us to dine at some of the hottest spots for a fraction of the cost.  Smart phones are on top of their game when it comes to filling our bellies!


11. Eating For A Purpose – Youth? Strength? Sex?  What did you purposely incorporate into your diet this year, just to reap its benefits?  Maybe pomegranate, açai berry, or goji berry… Sweet potatoes were big as a healthy alternative… As was Nutmeg for its aphrodisiac properties for women… even Blueberries shined with their fabulous antioxidants!



A witty video worth your 2 minutes


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Watch Pes turn items we’re all familiar with into some yummy guacamole.  It’s a clever short video – and it makes you hungry for some guac… enjoy!

Vegan Diet Chit Chat

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Last week on the Ellen Show former president Bill Clinton was a guest, and no, he did not play his saxophone.  The two discussed their common bond, vegan diets.  Clinton supports a vegan diet saying that, “it’s healthier…and puts less stress on the cardiovascular system.”  Clinton credits his whole food, plant based way of eating with helping him to maintain a weight that’s lower than when he was in high school.

Seeing Mr. Clinton switch to all-veggies-no-dairy is quite impressive… being as he was a well known lover of burgers & BBQ.  Guess he hasn’t taken his 2010 heart issues lightly. {Ads at beginning of video courtesy of YouTube, not weEATny.}