Autumn is back, and so is our favorite flavor!

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There are many great things about the fall… brightly colored foliage, chunky knit sweaters, cool weather, Halloween – but what we really love is the much anticipated arrival of pumpkin spice flavored goodies!  Lattes, baked goods, beers, even jello and ice cream!  Daily trips to Starbucks for their Pumpkin Spice Latte (and a pumpkin cream cheese muffin – why not go all out!?) is a must for this season.  And to end a long week of work we head out to Lake Grove, on Long Island, where John Harvard’s Brew House is serving up their own Pumpkin Spice Ale, complete with cinnamon & sugar on the rim.  These are two of our pumpkin spice favorite spots ~ write us and tell us yours!   And check back for our review of Williams-Sonoma’s pumpkin bread ~ we’ll be baking up a loaf and sending our opinions your way!

Enough said!!!

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Chocolate lovers unite!! Specifically on Sunday, November 6th, at the Westchester County Center in White Plains for the Chocolate World Expo.  Except a heavenly amount of cocoa goodness, along with special gourmet chocolates, baked goods, specialty foods, cheeses, gelato, wines and lots more!  Yes, wine paired with fruit and cheese is great.. but have you ever paired it with chocolate?  It brings a whole new dimension to the beverage.  There will be a “Cupcake Decorating Demo” by Tony Albanese, of The Pastryarch, (formerly of the “Cake Boss” show).  There will also be a special holiday edition of the CWE at the Meadowlands Expo Center on Sunday, Dec. 4th.  That day you can see Buddy Valastro, star of “Cake Boss,”  promoting his new book Baking with the Cake Boss. Purchase your tickets through their website or at the door… but know that if you buy them at the door its Cash Only!!  $15 for adults and $10 for children.


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We want all our readers to continue sending us any NY Giants related foods they come across in the next week and a half, as we approach the Superbowl.  These BIG BLUE inspired donuts can be found at  7-eleven {photo sent from a 7-eleven in Bayside, Queens}.  NY is hyped and everything is turning Blue, White, & Red!!!!! ~ send them in!!!

Brick oven pizza… and no slices!

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This weekend, pre-viewing of Wicked (phenomenal, by the way!), we made a stop at John’s Pizzeria in Times Square (260 W 44th).  This one time church converted into a brick oven pizza palace was bustling with hungry customers.  After only a 15minute wait we were seated and greeted by a lovely server.  We ordered some cheese smothered garlic bread and a spinach salad to start, followed by a Margherita pizza. Both the garlic bread and the salad were good… nothing to write home about though – I think the salad (with its apples and bleu cheese) would have been better with a raspberry vinaigrette (or something similar) as opposed to the house dressing they use.  The pizza was great – crunchy, with super fresh toppings.  No complaints there…  We’ll go with one thumb up!


Festive apps for your party!

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Looking for some last minute ways to dress up your Halloween party smorgasbord?  Try some festive deviled eggs!  If you’ve already prepared them simply get your hands on a jar of large, whole, black olives… slice one olive in half and use as the body of the spider, then cut another olive long ways into 8 strips and use each strip as a leg.  Super simple and it takes your snacks to a-whole-nother level of holiday fun!  And if you haven’t prepared the deviled eggs yet then try this recipe for spider web deviled eggs, courtesy of Pillsbury.

{1} In 5 qt dutch oven or stock pot, combine 8 cups of water with 2 teaspoons black gel or paste food color. Put eggs (about 12) in a single layer, cover and bring to boil. Remove from heat and let stand for 15 minutes.

{2} Using a slotted spoon, scoop out eggs and place on a stack of paper towels. Place colored water in fridge to cool. Use the end of a wooden spoon to tap each egg in several places to slightly crack shell. The more places you crack, the more webbing the egg will have.. but don’t break the shell so much that it cracks off, you want it fully intact!

{3} Place eggs back into cooled colored water and let sit for 2 to 3 hours.

{4} When done, peel eggs and cut length-wise. Using a teaspoon, scoop out the egg yolks and set whites aside. Mash yolks and combine with whatever ingredients you use to create your favorite deviled egg. Fill each egg white with yolk mixture.

{5} Garnish with chives, olives (olive spiders!!), paprika, etc. Serve, or cover and refrigerate.

Show your appreciation with a hostess gift

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Dinner parties, holiday parties, cocktail parties… tis the season!!  Next time you make your grand entrance at a soiree don’t show up empty handed.  Just because you don’t have the kitchen skills to whip up a dish to bring or you don’t know the host or hostess well enough to choose a personalized gift doesn’t mean you can’t find something great to hand over!  Check out Gilt Gifts – they have creative and awfully classy ideas for every budget!

From our homes to yours!

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On behalf of myself, the weEATny canine crew, and all our partner sites ~ Merry Christmas and enjoy this weekend with your family & friends!  Who’s having a big feast of the fishes tonight??  Send us pics of your family traditions, whatever they may be!  Wishing you ALL the best Season’s Eatings!