Sub in avocado wherever you can!

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A sandwich can potentially be a real healthy meal, but if yours isn’t complete without a thick layer of mayonnaise or butter then you’re looking at added cholesterol and calories that pretty much negate the healthy factor. Next time, spread ripe avocado on your bread instead of mayo/butter.


You’ll have an abundance of flavor and less calories, cholesterol, saturated fat, and sodium. Avocados are also a good source of fiber and potassium, vitamin K, folate, B6, and more than one-third of your daily value of vitamin C.  A, avocado globe contains 160 calories and 15 grams of heart-healthy unsaturated fat.


Avoid over-ripe avocados when choosing them… each should be firm with a slight softness when squeezed.  And the nutrion is packed into the portion of the avocado that is right up against the skin, so be sure to scrape the skin clean before tossing it into the garbage!

Looks like repurposing time!

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Friday I brought you some myth busting tips on keeping your bread from going stale.  Maybe I was a day late though and you’ve already found yourself with a useless dried out loaf.  Well, useless no more!  How about I give you a couple ideas for those past-their-prime slices of pane!?


Make your own breadcrumbs… toss that old bread into the blender and add some Italian seasonings. Refrigerate in an airtight container for later use.


Homemade Croutons? Yes please! Simply dice stale bread into cubes… sauté with olive oil and sprinkle on some Parmesan cheese and seasonings.


French toas!  A breakfast favorite of mine.. initially invented to repurpose stale bread. Have you seen my recipe for Stuffed French Toast??  It’s to die for…


Feed the birds!  Never let anything go to waste when there are other animals that would love to have it!  Be Green and find a better use for your loaves gone bad, rather than chucking it in the garbage pail.

Celeb chef helping you with stress free cooking

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Iron Chef Cat Cora is still on a roll after recently being inducted into the American Academy of Chefs® Culinary Hall of Fame.  She’s launched her new iPad app, Cat Cora’s Kitchen, which helps to simplify cooking and meal prep so that an at home cook with any level of skill feels comfortable.  Cat Cora’s Kitchen uses a patented “smart recipe” format, which guides users through time management in the kitchen and this allows them to create delicious meals right on schedule.  Tips are given on which steps can be completed in advance and the user will be alerted to any potential conflicts that may arise {for example, when cooking multiple recipes}.



There are 76 recipes available through the app with step by step instructions and targeted completion times for each dish – a user is able to create a full menu or just choose one dish to concentrate on.  Serving size can be adjusted up or down from the original recipe.  Detailed photos accompany the recipes, as well as appearances by Cora with helpful tips along the way.


Cora collaborated with Nimble Chef, Brainware and Troubador Digital Media to launch this app and it is available now for $7.99 at

Philadelphia Cream Cheese… easy to open

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Holidays have a way of bringing total chaos to homes.  It’s a welcome, jolly form of chaos I suppose, but craziness nonetheless.  Amidst I baking frenzy on Christmas morning I had to stop and {mentally} thank those who package up Kraft Philadelphia cream cheese 8oz bars because they are just sooooo easy to get open!  It may seem strange to dedicate a post to the packaging of a dairy product, but trust me – when you’re covered in butter, flour, and sugar – and honey is causing paper towels to get stuck to you – and your garbage is just about to overflow with egg shells and you have a wrinkly bulldog glued to your rear hoping you drop more batter – you appreciate every last helpful thing!  And being able to pull open two packages of cream cheese using only my ring fingers and the nice soft squishy part of the palm of my hand {ya know, under your thumb…} gave me 15 seconds of peacefulness! So I am forever a Philadelphia cream cheese girl ~ and encourage you to be one too! : )

20 DAYS – Eat Up, January 16th – February 10th

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Food freaks, get your game faces on for the next 3 weeks!!  Manhattan is once again inviting everyone to taste all that it has to offer… and for 20 amazing days!  Starting today, Jan 16th, and running until Friday, Feb 10th, you have a tremendous list of restaurants to choose from, scattered throughout NYC.  Get out there and celebrate NYC’s 20th Anniversary Restaurant Week, and bring your appetite!! You can enjoy a 3 course lunch for $24.07 or dinner for $35.00 {plus tax, tip, & bevs}.  And most of the OVER 300 restaurants participating offer the ability to reserve a table online – which makes it even easier!  Not every spot offers lunch and dinner – and Saturdays are not included, Sunday are optional – so do double check before heading out.  And if you’re an American Express card holder, register your card on the website – dine out three or more times during these 20 days at any participating restaurant – and receive $20 back {in the form of a statement credit}.  Let’s EAT!

For your dinner party symphony

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We’ve all run our finger along the rim of the glass in an attempt to have some sort of musical note come about ~ either out of boredom or fascination.  These Austrian-made lead-free crystal glasses are made to play notes that correspond to the amount of liquid in the glass.  Available at, for $80 for a set of two, you can compose a symphony with your dinner guests with a full 12 note octave.

I’ll drink to that!! Cheers!

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I love when two of my passions come together into something quite lovely!!  Take vino and animals rescue groups for example… Mix them and you’ve got an awesome way to give back to the community! pairs with charities to create a fun and creative way to fundraise.  100% of the profits go to the designated charity.



My personal favs are the Adopt A Boxer Mid-Michigan Boxer Rescue Collections.  If we’re stocking up our wine cabinet with bottles anyway, might as well send the money to a cause near and dear to our hearts and get a bottle that has the most adorable of labels on it!  C’mon, who wouldn’t want to pop open a bottle of Merlot that has this beautiful mug staring back at you???  I’m sold, someone pass me a glass!


Check out their website to search for a charity that is meaningful to you!  With the size of this list you’re guaranteed to find a way to make a difference.