Can brunching take over clubbing???

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What brunch used to be, in some spots, is no longer!  Forget a quiet peaceful get together with a couple close friends, where you gently sip on your mimosa or bloody mary and munch on eggs benedict and finger sandwiches.  You may start out that way… but then… Cut the lights – Cue the DJ – and bring out the dancers, the flares, and stand up on your table!



Beaumarchais, located at

409 West 13th Street New York {212-675-2400} is currently one of the hottest brunch spots around – having played host to many celebs including Christina Milian for her bday bash!



At Beaumarchais the day starts off as one of the more classier brunch spots in New York…. but then that dirty beat takes over and the venue switches into high gear!



When you see them pull those drapes shut prepare yourself {which means make sure your shoes are either off or strapped tight, no one wants to twist an ankle on the table and make sure your glass is filled up} because one of the wildest boozy parties is about to begin. Strobe lights, girls in underwear, sparklers, costumes… it’s all in a day’s brunch!




A most amazing State Fair invention

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Mark Zable just took the world of deep fried foods to a whole nother level with these babies!  What pairs better with anything deep fried if not a beer??  It only makes sense for beer to be deep fried itself then, I suppose! {Insert panic attack from all health buffs}  Zable has created a way to deep fry beer, without losing any of the alcohol – it just stays in this little dough pouch waiting to wash down each bite.  In essence, it’s a bite of a hot pretzel and a sip of Guinness.. genius!!!  And it’s a favorite at State Fairs, even winning the 2010 State Fair of Texas, Big Tex Choice Award for Most Creative.  So get your ID ready, because you need to be 21 years to buy this delish treat!  If you’re interested in bringing fried beer to your next even see this message from Zable’s site “Attention Food Vendors and Distributors:  Fried Beer has been a fantastic addition for other fairs.  Most recently, a vendor at the Wisconsin State Fair had amazing press which resulted in stellar sales.  Please contact us now if you are interested in offering Fried Beer at your next event.  Please contact us @ for a quote.”

Definitely a step in the right direction!

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Burger King is the first fast food chain to put such a plan into effect… The major food chain has announced that all of its eggs and pork will come from cage-free chickens and pigs by 2017.  That’s a HUGE step towards the human treatment of animals in the food industry.


Eyes now turn to the rest of the fast food chains to see if they are willing to adopt a similar policy… so far, nothing.  In a year Burger King uses hundreds of millions of eggs and tens of millions of pounds of pork.

Wayne Pacelle, who is the president of the US Humane Society, said, “So many tens of thousands of animals will now be in better living conditions.”  Presently, conventionally raised eggs come from hens that are confined in battery cages which are about the same size as an 8 1/2 by 11 sheet of computer paper. Most pork comes from sows that are confined during their four-month pregnancies in narrow crates, called gestation crates.   For more on this topic visit Daily Mail.

Belgian Chocolate Souffle in 3min

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Did you catch our article on making chocolate mug cakes?  It’s really a brilliant idea – you can have a delish little personal cake in a matter of minutes with the right ingredients, a mug, and a microwave.  Knowing I’ve been experimenting with mug cake recipes my mom found this most perfect Valentine’s gift for me ~ My Cup of Cake, Belgian Chocolate Souffle Cake.  It comes with everything you need: an adorable gift box, a chic reusable mug, the soufflé mix, & a pouch of oil.. just add some water and you have a decadent chocolate dessert!  And it’s a NY based company.  The Cup of Cake is $21.95 but you can order yourself refill packets for $12.95.  And if you’re placing a larger order they’ll personalize each mug for you with your initials, company logo, or a monogram.  Check out their website for full details

Subway has a heart…

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I haven’t been able to find the source of this photo, so I’m not sure which location honors this… but regardless it helps restore your faith in humanity just a little bit, with all the negativity bombarding the news now a days.  Yes there will always be negative comments to follow an offer like this, but what it comes down to is that someone has a great deal of love and concern in his/her heart for the well being of their fellow man.  So I applaud this store owner for doing something so kind and generous.

Presentation is everything!

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Even though Christmas has now come and gone, the holiday parties continue well into January!   Have a brunch planned?  Or just want to add a little holiday cheer to your kids’ breakfast this week?  Try our Butterscotch Sticky Bun recipe – but instead of slicing the roll of rough into separate pieces, shape the rolled rough into a circle {pinch the ends of the circle together so they’re connected}, and make slices along the outside rim – avoiding the center of the circle.  Then fan out the pieces so they look like a wreath and bake!  Drizzle with icing {which can even be colored red, green, or blue for the holidays!}.  Check out our Butterscotch Sticky Bun Recipe!! {and substitute the Pillsbury dough for the dough of your choice, or make it from scratch – the more dough you have the bigger your wreath will be!!}

Holding on to our favorite summer treats…

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The fall is a fabulous time of year but, it’s hard to let go of some of our favorite summer activities.  JCPenney is coming through with an epic save though… available for $39.99 (or try and catch the sale price of $29.99) from Bella Cucina is this s’more maker!  It perfectly melts each component of this delightful little treat ~ even managing to heat up the graham crackers.  Who said s’mores can only be eaten at the end of a summer bbq?  This sweet gadget makes s’mores a year round indulgence. And for a little variation in your s’mores lives try switching things up a bit: use white chocolate instead of milk chocolate and add a little scoop of strawberry or raspberry jam,  or add some peanut butter or caramel to your milk chocolate s’mores.   Write in and tell us what your favorite s’mores combinations are! Or better yet, send a picture!!