An addition to Erin’s rainbow collection


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Have you been over to yet????  Erin has been sharing some awesome rainbow/pride inspired recipes – perfect time to share our instructions for rainbow cupcakes!!  And with St. Patrick’s Day approaching quickly, rainbow cupcakes are a lovely little magical dessert to pull out after you’ve stuffed yourselves with corned beef and cabbage!!  They’ll make all your little leprechauns smile!


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Fresh Step are you for real???


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Is this for real???? The video seems like a spoof and the website seems legit… I’m on the fence whether this is genius or idiotic.  Either way it’s funny and you should end your work week by watching it!  Enjoy your weekend friends ~ See ya’ll on Monday!!

Non compete agreement sends one truck a’packin

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Property managers at Starbucks Center, in Seattle, Washington, are keeping a watchful eye on food trucks dishing out goods to customers.  The business opportunity is so great for these trucks at this location that they have to sign an agreement before being allowed to secure a spot on the property.


One donut truck dared to sell a different brand of drip coffee – big mistake – and was forced to pack up and go.  Though Starbucks doesn’t own the property

How to turn those wraps into a sweet treat

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This is a great way to turn your left over tortillas into a sweet snack.  It works best with regular or whole wheat wraps.  They’re so delicious they can be eaten alone, like chips… or use them to scoop up a fresh fruit salsa (especially pineapple!), ice cream, or dip them in melted chocolate, vanilla yogurt, Nutella, a pumpkin dip (that’s perfect for fall parties or as a thanksgiving appetizer), or whatever else you can dream up!  Simple & delicious… that’s what this is all about!

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Keep crunch in every bite of cereal

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What’s worse than getting half way through your bowl of cereal and realizing it’s turned into a bowl of mushy flakes??!!  Well, the makers of Obol are here to save your breakfast lives!!  The bowl is designed to keep the milk and cereal separate – just push a scoop of cereal down the little slide and into the milk for a crunchy spoonful each time! It’s also perfect for your soup and crackers or cookies and milk!  {Oddly though I prefer my Oreos all soggy with cold milk… and depending on what soup I’m eating sometimes I like my oysters mushy too – but I’m now defeating the purpose of this article!}.  Get this bowl for $20 on their website.     And if you need more convincing check out this video from their website…. It alleviates the worry I know each of you have that a mid-breakfast sex session will cause ur cereal to get mushy.  Well worry no more friends!

3 Houston officers accused of eating pot brownies

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As accusations swirl the Houston Police Department has found itself at the center of quite a serious scandal.  The story begins back in May when three officers were called to the apartment of Nicholas Hill; a report had been made that someone smelled drugs.  Hill and two others were arrested for marijuana possession… but that’s only the beginning.  Hill reported to his defense attorney that while the cops were conducting their investigation inside the apartment the three officers ate the pot-brownies that Hill and his friends had baked.  Full Story »

It’s time to take down those decorations

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As we leave the holidays behind us we find our next big project lying ahead… the cleanup of all the decorations.  Here’s a tip to help you organize the endless ornaments you may have.  Use your extra plastic punch glasses to keep the ornaments from breaking and shifting all over into a big mess.  Pieces of cardboard can be used to create layers in whatever type of bin you’re using.  Repurposing things you have around the kitchen and your house is a cost effective way to take care of many every day annoyances… keep an eye out for more great ideas that make use of what you already have!