Where’s the dingle dangle??

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Frying your Thanksgiving turkey is an awesomely delicious way to prepare your bird… and it truthfully can be dangerous.  But it’s hysterical that State Farm chose William Shatner to highlight all the important safety tips for frying your turkey.  {Especially having a dingle dangle on hand….}

Man swallows bristle from grill brush

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A NJ man is home recuperating after a frightening health scare.  Michael DeStefan went to Hackensack University Medical Center after experiencing excruciating pain in his abdomen. He assumed he had appendicitis, or something of the sort.  But after thorough testing doctors found that a 1½ inch long metallic object had pierced DeStefan’s large intestine. What was it?? Drs thought perhaps he had swallowed a nail, fish hook or paperclip.


With the risk of multi-system organ failure, Dr. Kaul and his team quickly removed the object and patched up the hole and treated the infection in the 54 year old’s large intestine.  His wife was sent home with pictures of the object and while standing on the back deck noticed that the metal bristles on her husband’s grill brush match the object in the photograph.  Mystery solved!


One single bristle apparently lodged itself within the grill grate and was then embedded in the shell steak that DeStefan had cooked & eaten days before falling ill and being rushed to the hospital.  This isn’t an isolated incident either… dozens more of these cases have been reported.  Serves as a reminder ~ Skip the grill brush and reach for a stone when cleaning your grills!

No, Blue Moon is not “just a beer”

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I am dropping some serious science knowledge on you foodies today!!  First a biology lesson, now on to a little Earth science…  Have you heard the buzz that this August will bring about a Blue Moon?  No not the frosty beverage served to you at your local bar ~ the kind you’ll find in the night sky.



The phrase “once in a blue Moon” is supposed to signify something that is rare.  That is because a blue Moon is, in fact, uncommon.  {Happening every 3 years or so}  Though not necessarily blue, it’s the second full Moon of a calendar month.  And it will happen this August 31st.  But don’t expect to look up in the sky and see a Moon that is literally blue… it will only have an azure tint when we are experiencing a major event that affects the atmosphere, like a volcanic eruption or a forest fire.


So, obviously, this month should be dedicated to drinking Blue Moon ~ which just so happens to be one of my favorite beers!

Summer BBQ Must Haves

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Sweet and Spicy have always worked well together – that’s what makes this a perfect addition to your barbecue menu.  With July 4th around the corner it’s about time you figure out what you’ll be serving.  These skewers can be prepped the day before a party, and then marinated a short time before you’re ready to grill.  Simple to make, packed with flavor, and sure to be a crowd pleaser!



4 cups pomegranate juice

1 tablespoon ground cayenne pepper

2 mangos, chopped

1 small honeydew, chopped

1 banana, chopped

1 papaya, chopped

1 pineapple, chopped

…..Orrrrrr choose whatever sweet fruit you like!! It all works!  Strawberries, cantaloupe, peaches You pick!…..  Keeping the fruit cut into fairly uniform size helps them to all cook evenly.


{Soak wood skewers in water for about 30 minutes prior to assembling kabobs… this helps to prevent burning while on the grill}


In a medium bowl whisk together pomegranate juice & cayenne pepper


Place cut fruit in bowl, pour mixture over fruit, and marinate for 20 minutes, stirring occasionally.


Place fruit onto skewers and grill over low heat for 20 minutes or until you see the fruit beginning to caramelize… turn each skewer once.



Pair with a nice white wine and enjoy!

The mission begins with “I Do…”


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Sometimes we find ourselves covering stories simply because they’re what’s in the headlines right now, and there are in fact people out there who are interested.  I for one have no interest in adding to this woman’s popularity – but I will, for the sake of any readers interested.   Susanne Eman, 33 years old from Casa Grande AZ {ironic that her city translates to Big House?}, lives with her two sons, 13 & 17, and her now fiance chef Parker Clack.  Eman is on a mission to become the world’s fattest woman – she is currently weighing in at 756 lbs… a size 10XL.  I really am in utter disbelief that I just wrote that a mother of two is purposing sending herself down a swirling vortex of health issues at best – death is more probably though.  I hope she apologizes in advance to her children for being unable to participate in their lives like an otherwise healthy mother should be able to – assuming she lives long enough to see them reach their milestones.  And shame on Parker Clack, a chef, for taking part in her idiocy.



The Daily Mail reports that Clack cooks her mountains of bacon and scrambled eggs, fried potatoes, huge slices of toast and… salad.  Ya know, because he wants to make sure she eats some healthy things.  And according to Eman he’s wonderful with helping around the house, and helping her to do anything she has trouble doing….. like maybe breathing? or perhaps he can find a way to aid her kidneys?  After all, the previous world record-holder Carol Ann Yager died in 1994 from kidney failure caused by morbid obesity.  I would apologize for my sarcastic tone throughout this reporting, but I can’t… I find it horrendously selfish of this woman to unnecessarily jeopardize her life in such a way when she has a family to think about.  And Parker Clack is a disgrace to food industry.  But hey… to each their own.

Beers and the Humane Society – my fav things!!


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Words cannot even describe how near and dear to my heart this is ~ I definitely have the potential to wind up on that Hoarders show with a house overflowing with animals and cooking ingredients {obvi my two loves, dogs & cooking!}.  But in all seriousness there are few topics I am more passionate about than supporting your local animal shelters and anything related to animal welfare.  With that being said I am completely overjoyed to bring you news of this event: Beers For Beasts!  Yay!! Hosted by BeerAdvocate & Sixpoint Brewery and taking place at The Bell House in Brooklyn NY, this event is broken up into two sessions – 1-5pm and 6-10pm. Beer – Food – Entertainment – Charity… an award winning combination! Not to mention all the beers serves are specially crafted for this event – the food is provided from some of NYC’s top vendors – and the entertainment features burlesque performances!  The $60 ticket price gets you in the door and beer and food tastings.  100% of the proceeds go to the Humane Society of New York City – 100% people!!  I must say, I see a lot of flyers and invitations for many charity events – some small and rather unknown and some large scale ones… it’s rare, and I mean rare, that 100% of everything brought in goes right back to where it is needed the most.  I think what BeerAdvocate & Sixpoint Brewery are doing is absolutely phenomenal!  They were able to help hundreds of animals get the care they needed through this sold out event last year.  Check out their website beerforbeasts.com

Puppy vs Ice Cube

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Here’s a little something to ease the burdens of a Monday morning.  A cute video of an adorable Welsh Corgi puppy who has encountered a very intimidating ice cube!  Enjoy it with your coffee