The Man Who Lived On His Bike

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THE MAN WHO LIVED ON HIS BIKE from Guillaume Blanchet on Vimeo.


I complained to myself this morning when I had to fry up an egg for breakfast… just a temporary moment of morning laziness.  Then I caught this video, of filmmaker Guillaume Blanchet, on the news – and the guy is eating his egg on his bike, which – as the title states – he lived on for 382 days, traveling through Montreal.  Lived… not just rode, he never left the seat of that bicycle. The long journey was dedicated to his dad, an avid biker as well… and his message that anything in life can be done while on a bike proves quite comical and impressive.

12 World Renowned Chefs-1 Dinner under the stars

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On Tuesday, November 1st, 6 of Italy’s most distinguished chefs join forced with 6 of New York City’s most acclaimed chefs to create an unprecedented dinner event. Hosted by chef, tv personality, and author Lidia Bastianich – tickets are $225 per person, and that includes wine pairing with each course and tax & gratuity. This phenomenal dinner will include 7 courses created by these culinary masterminds: Moreno Cedroni & Jonathan Benno, Emanuele Scarello & Missy Robbins, Davide Scabin & Mark Ladner, Gennaro Esposito & Michael White, Carlo Cracco & Wylie Dufresne, and a 7th course presented by Katia Delogu. A final menu is still in the works. Space is limited, register online.


The people want their super sized pop!

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In a city that is burdened with the spending of billions of dollars a year on weight-related health problems, Mayor Michael Bloomberg is attempting to halt bar restaurants, movie theaters, sports arenas, food carts & delis from selling sodas and other sugary drinks containers larger than 16 oz.



In what has been dubbed The Million Big Gulp March, and led by the NYC Liberty HQ grass-roots group, a small gathering of protestors peacefully rallied against the suer sized soft drink ban this past weekend near City Hall Park.  The protest was serious yet humorous – with some holding up signs that read “Hands Off My Bladder.”  Many feel that the Mayor is over stepping bounds by enacting such a ban.



Who’s to say what amount of soda I can purchase at one time to drink if I so choose?  It’s my right to consume 3,000 calories of sugary beverage with my lunch, if I see fit.  Then again, the entire nation is amid an obesity crisis… so I see where he’s coming from in an “I’m just trying to help” sort of way.  Perhaps a better approach would be to clear some space in the city and just line up treadmills and free fruit stations?  Entice the public to better themselves!  I know, completely unrealistic – but so is telling someone they can’t have an awesomely large CocaCola if they want it.  Side note, it really wouldn’t hurt most New Yorkers to put down the pop entirely and reach for a super big gulp sized WATER.  I agree with the guy in the picture – I don’t drink soda much either, but this ban is just ridiculous.

Never a good thing to encounter


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Note to self: repeatedly check fresh foods in refrigerator.  All I wanted was to sit down with my edamame and soy sauce and clearly that isn’t going to happen!  Who knew these little green goblins would fuzz over so quickly???  Guess it’s back to frozen edamame – which, honestly, are delicious.  I’m only one small person… I can’t keep up with the rate of mold!

Cafe latte please, extra shot..and one for the baby

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A new food trend in parts of Brooklyn, like Park Slope, Fort Greene, or Prospect Heights,  these days is the “babyccino.”  Out with the bottles and sippy cups, in with babyccinos.  There are two typical varieties – a cappuccino like hot beverage with a shot of decaf espresso & topped with steamed milk and froth, or just steamed milk with the foam on top and finished with a dash of cinnamon. Coffeehouses Sit and Wonder on Washington Avenue and Bittersweet in Fort Greene have these mini-morning bevs available.  While doctors are saying that caffeine in large quantities is unhealthy for kids, a decaf espresso contains less caffeine than a soda does.  In Australia, where this trend originated over a decade ago, baristas say it would be nearly impossible to pull the popular item from their menu – however they don’t necessarily support the sale of it… Coffee expert, Paul Caligiore, said “They interrupt workflow, create milk wastage and can be served at a dangerous temperature to a vulnerable consumer.”  But here in Brooklyn this isn’t stopping parents from having their toddlers share in the day’s coffee clutch.  And some critics say the addition of the babyccino may open coffee shops up to a new range of customers.  If they ever open up the coffee houses to parents of furry-children, I’m in!

Street King – gives you energy & feeds the hungry!

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Rapper 50 Cent has launched his new line of energy shots, Street King.  On wednesday night (Sept. 14th), the Hudson Hotel played host to the rapper, his business manager Chris Lightly, and Street King executive Chris Clark, along with other music execs and journalists for a small soiree celebrating the new product.  All proceeds from Street King Energy Shots are used to provide meals for children in Africa.  With his sights set on providing 1 billion meals, 50 Cent has currently fed 2.5 million people.  With some serious star-power backing him (there are talks of GaGa, Bieber, Drake, and Usher jumping on board) 50 cent is ready to wage war against world poverty and hunger.  His newest album is said to be complete at this point and awaiting a release date.

Where’s the dingle dangle??

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Frying your Thanksgiving turkey is an awesomely delicious way to prepare your bird… and it truthfully can be dangerous.  But it’s hysterical that State Farm chose William Shatner to highlight all the important safety tips for frying your turkey.  {Especially having a dingle dangle on hand….}