World’s hottest pepper meets casual dining

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For someone to has to wave their mouth cool when eating a jalapeño, I can’t see myself being brave enough to experience Red Robin’s new Ghost Pepper Burger… a ghost chilli pepper, the hottest natural growing pepper in the world,  rates at 855,000 – 1,050,000 units of pungency on the Scoville Scale.  No big deal, only like 400 times hotter than a jalapeño!




Red Robin {with a location in Carle Place in Nassau County, Long Island} will make two new burgers available, starting today – both featuring this scorcher of a pepper.  Where do you stand? Are you a Fiery Ghost Style eater or a Cry Baby??


The Fiery Ghost style contains a ghost pepper sauce and is topped with fried jalapenos and pepper jack cheese. The Cry Baby features crispy onions straws tossed in sriracha dry seasoning with more onions sauteed in Cholula hot sauce and is topped with jack cheese and ghost pepper ketchup.


Reviews that have been leaking out are mixed… some are calling the burgers “orgasmic” while others are  saying they don’t pack much heat.  You be the judge, and let us know… in the mean time, I think I’ll work up enough courage to head out there and try one……………..

It’s not just about cupcakes anymore!

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Word on the Manhattan streets is that Crumbs Bake Shop is testing out a candy line in some of their NYC shops… According to Crain’s New York, three NYC spots are taste testing jelly beans, Gummy Worms and chocolate, among other treats, with their customers.



I’ve done a run through of the Crumbs in Huntingon and so far no sighting of delightful candy… but I’m staying hopeful.  Co-founder Jason Bauer told Crain’s that a red velvet candy bar wouldn’t be a far fetched idea.  Music to my ears!

Manly VS Sissy???

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A recent study has looked into the reasoning behind many people’s perception of vegetarians.  After surveying, researchers discovered that most thought those who stuck to soy meat, as opposed to regular “manly meat”, were less masculine… or wimps.  Why is this?


Well, in short, meat is seen as a “strong, traditional, macho, bicep-flexing, All-American food.”  By giving up the macho food, you’re giving up the macho side of yourself … or so it is perceived by others.  Marketing plays a role also.  More masculine words are used when discussing meat, and agencies capitalize on this powerful association.  Hmmm…. Joaquin Phoenix seems pretty manly to me, and that’s man is a vegan!

Never appropriate for public….

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These are Kangaroo Jumps…. the new shoe designed for a workout, and it helps relieve the impact on your knees ~ perfectly acceptable in a workout setting…….



These are Kangaroo Jumps in the middle of WholeFoods…  really lady?  And these shoes are expensive too!  I believe they’re nearly $300!  Save them for the gym… I don’t believe bouncing through the produce section is necessary ~ and plus, you’re even bouncing… so really you just look like a crazy moon shoe lady in an organic food store!




Old fashion, money saving & THEY WORK

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Here’s another addition to our Homemade Cleaning Products articles.  If you didn’t catch the first one, check it out here.  If you’ve been trying to find more ways to “Go Green” in your house then this is a perfect place to start!  You’re using nontoxic formulas and substances, and it will save you a lot of money!   Next time you go to reach for your Lysol® or Fantastik®, instead head over to your pantry and grab these items: vinegar & baking soda.  In a spray bottle add 2 liters of water and mix into that 1/2  cup vinegar and 1/4 cup baking soda.  Use in your bathrooms, kitchens, chrome fixtures, mirrors, windows – everywhere! It’s all purpose!   An additional tip is to pick up a small bottle of your favorite essential oil scent – add a couple drops and now you have a fragrant household cleaner.  Lemon or orange will leave things smelling fresh and clean!

Spoof ice cream mocks OWS

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Since the majority of the people participating in the Occupy Wall Street protests in Manhattan have zero clue what they’re doing down there and what they’re protesting for I find this spoof Ben & Jerry’s ice cream container to be absolutely hysterical.  ”…with some other good stuff in there… we think… we’re not really sure… nobody can explain it to us.”  Yeah, that seems about right!

Vegan Diet Chit Chat

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Last week on the Ellen Show former president Bill Clinton was a guest, and no, he did not play his saxophone.  The two discussed their common bond, vegan diets.  Clinton supports a vegan diet saying that, “it’s healthier…and puts less stress on the cardiovascular system.”  Clinton credits his whole food, plant based way of eating with helping him to maintain a weight that’s lower than when he was in high school.

Seeing Mr. Clinton switch to all-veggies-no-dairy is quite impressive… being as he was a well known lover of burgers & BBQ.  Guess he hasn’t taken his 2010 heart issues lightly. {Ads at beginning of video courtesy of YouTube, not weEATny.}