Its not Shakespeare but it works!

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I dont have much of an explanation for this… other than it’s hysterical.  In almost everything in life, you can win me over by making me laugh.  So I would definitely take the time to go into this store… or bar… or whatever it is that is using this sign ~ because it makes me giggle every time I read it!

Missed the NYC Feast? Head out east!

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Most New Yorkers associate the Feast of San Gennaro with New York City… but this year Hampton Bays will be hosting the first San Gennaro Feast of the Hamptons.  It’ll take place Saturday and Sunday, October 1st & 2nd, on Good Ground Road (LIRR station).  The feast has been organized by Simone Scotto, owner of Scotto’s Italian Pork Store in Hampton Bays.  Expect around 50 vendors showcasing traditional Italian cuisine and wine tastings by Rafael Wines & Vineyard 48 – also live entertainment, a classic car show and activities & rides for the kids!  The Hamptons crowd tends to die down after Labor Day, so this will help bring business to the area during the off season.  A parade will kick off the weekend feast on Saturday morning at 11a.m. and from 5pm – 9pm on Saturday Joseph R. Gannascoli (Vito from the Sopranos) will be doing a book signing.  So head to the East End – and mangia!

Whyyyyyy do we even care??

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I am not, nor have I ever been, one to sit down and watch the Jersey Shore.  Personally, I think every last one of them are absolutely ridiculous.  Despite my lack of respect of any of them though, I certainly am happy to see that Snooki is serious about the need for her to stay healthy during her pregnancy.



Snooki told People Magazine that her cravings for pickles are a thing of the past… now it’s all fruits and Italian ices that are on her must have list.  The drinking and club hopping has been put on the back burner as well {*rolls eyes* I can’t believe that actually needs to be stated}.  The bite size soon to be mama hasn’t gained much weight thus far into her pregnancy though, with the exception of her chest – which has bumped up to a D she says… no complaints from Jionni.


Snooki was recently caught in some controversy after allegedly making rude comments about Jessica Simpson and her weight gain during her pregnancy.  ”I would die if I were her size!” Snooki said. “She’s like 45 months pregnant right now.”   Snooki defends herself saying she never made such comments..

Free yogurt… with a side of body fluid??


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Yuck, yuck yuck yuck…. Some people need to be sent to a deserted island for all of eternity.  Anthony Garcias, of New Mexico, is one of those people.  Last January he was given the task of passing out yogurt samples at the grocery store he worked at.  One woman spit the yogurt out, repeatedly spit onto the floor, and even wiped her mouth with her clothing to attempt to get the taste off her tongue….. What would cause such a vile reaction?  The fact that Garcias tainted the yogurt samples with semen.  *pause for nauseated and repulsed gag reflex*  The 32 year old admitted to placing the semen on the spoon and offering it to a female customer.  He pleaded guilty in court this past October and he’s facing up to three years in prison…. {insert all obvious jokes about him likely getting a “taste” of his own medicine….}

Cameron Jankowski fired after Tweeting pic of incident

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Some individuals truly take the word idiot to a new level.  Cameron Jankowski is a shining example of those type of people.  To begin with it’s never a good idea to urinate on, or allow any other bodily fluids to come in contact with, the foods you’re serving in your place of employment.  Perchance rule number one is broken, then see rule number two: never ever take a picture that can get you fired and plaster it on a social media site.


Cameron Jankowski didn’t understand either of those rules though and proceeded to have photo session while he peed on a Nacho Bell Grande at the Taco Bell he was working at in Fort Wayne, Indiana - he then Tweeted the picture to Hunter Moore {revenge porn entrepreneur and founder of Is Anyone Up?}



His tweet says “guess where I work” and is tagged #pissolympics and #nachobellgrande.  Later Jankowski posted Tweets reassuring his followers that he didn’t actually serve those nachos.  In the face of severe public backlash Jankowski has since deleted his Twitter account.  A statement has been released from Amy Kavanaugh, spokeswoman for Taco Bell, as well saying that they “find this prank absolutely unacceptable, and we plan to terminate anyone involved and work with authorities to pursue legal action.”  And indeed they did.  Jankowski is left with a full bladder and no more nachos to pee on.

Pop-up restaurant on the rails

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During a time when pop-up lounges, flash mobs and other social stunts have become all the rage, it is no surprise that pop-up restaurants are starting to take off too!  Recently the members of the underground culinary collective, A Razor, A Shiny Knife, staged an invitation-only dining experience aboard the L-train as it made its way through Brooklyn, transforming one of the cars into impromptu bistro.  Choreographed with great precision, this 6-course lunch featured dishes such as filet mignon cubes drizzled with bordelaise sauce and topped with asparagus, and was made complete by table linens and shiny silverware.  The event was executed seamlessly (with the exception of a few water refills missing the cup…) and group managed to avoid any issues with the MTA or NYPD, all in a 30-minute subway ride.

The Man Who Lived On His Bike

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THE MAN WHO LIVED ON HIS BIKE from Guillaume Blanchet on Vimeo.


I complained to myself this morning when I had to fry up an egg for breakfast… just a temporary moment of morning laziness.  Then I caught this video, of filmmaker Guillaume Blanchet, on the news – and the guy is eating his egg on his bike, which – as the title states – he lived on for 382 days, traveling through Montreal.  Lived… not just rode, he never left the seat of that bicycle. The long journey was dedicated to his dad, an avid biker as well… and his message that anything in life can be done while on a bike proves quite comical and impressive.