New BK menu items – seem familiar? …McDonald’s?


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It seems like this past year, every so often we’re bringing you news of how Burger King is revamping things in an attempt to gain back some of its lost customers.  Now BK has introduced some new items to their menu {last time they improved the quality of the products they were using… like actual smoked bacon instead of precooked bacon sprayed with a smoked flavor… um, yuck.}  And the items may seem vaguely familiar – that’s because McDonald’s has been selling them for a while now.  Chicken Tenders, Chicken Snack Wraps in Ranch or Honey Mustard, Specialty Salads, Smoothies, and Frappes are among the new choices.  BK’s research showed that customers wanted more choices – and they’ve provided them with that… so let’s see if this boosts the King’s ever slumping sales…

What’s she whipping up for her honey?

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Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake… a celeb couple we love to love!  In an interview with French magazine, Gala, Biel discussed her new upcoming role: wife & homemaker.  She doesn’t feel anything will change once they take the plunge into marital bliss, except for may her spending more time in the kitchen.  Though rarely home, she describes her experiences in the kitchen as “total disasters” with an occasional “pleasant surprise.”  She boasts about her zucchini fritters and how she enjoys whipping up cupcakes.  Jessica also says she enjoys trying to customize recipes… that’s always a sign of someone with some hidden cooking potential!  I bet they’re packing on the pounds of happiness in no time!

Prawn robber stuffs her dress full

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Nothing like shoving cold prawns up your skirt to the point that you’re walking funny, to blow your big heist!  That’s how Krystal Douglas and Charles Simboyan, of Staten Island, were recently busted.  Her awkward walk led security guards to approach her in the parking lot.  First Douglas told security that she had a bad knee, but once in the women’s room with the officers she produced boxer shorts and shrimp from beneath her ensamble.


The 26 year old female and her 68 year old accomplice are believed to be the ones behind an on going two week shoplifting spree.  Video surveillance has named them as the perps.  Accumulating over $5,000 worth of merchandise over those two weeks, it’s no wonder she wasn’t dropping pork chops, DVDs, chicken, steaks, and apparel at her feet as she walked around.  The couple would allegedly fill their cart, then once in the produce section transfer everything to beneath Douglas’ dress – after emerging from the produce isle their cart would be empty and they’d go on their way.


Not this time though, their gig is up!  And as a side note, who the heck would want to eat shrimp {or any of the other meats for that matter…} that had just been stuffed between some woman’s legs??


“Excuse me, that’s my chair, if you don’t mind moving kindly miss. thank you”

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The full store is below, with a link to the full article if you need to hear more haha.   The jist of it though,  If someone asks you to get out of their chair, deny them once, maybe, but then definitely get up.  I’ve sat in many a comfy chairs in my day,  and let me tell you,  not a single one of them was worth internal bleeding.

Here’s how my conversation with a crazy dude who wants his chair back would go:   “This is your seat pal?  my bad,  let me dust it off for you, make you a plate of grilled cheese,  and fire up some cakes for dessert.   No reason for a knife fight, your chair smells like cat pee anyway, it’s all yours man.”


Boom. Problem solved.  He has his chair, my back doesn’t have a knife wound, and none of us had to waste the rest of Thanksgiving sitting in central booking.    Who’s ready for christmas?  Full Story »

Home of the Jelly Croissant

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One of my favorite days every summer is when I head out to Montauk to spend the day with my best friend and her family, who vacation there yearly.  Gorgeous beaches, friendly people, and wonderful places to eat.  The drive is long but beautiful, so worth the almost two hours.  This year was priceless though… because I was introduced to the Jelly Croissant from the Montauk Bake Shoppe.  I don’t know how I missed this hidden gem for so long – usually I can sniff out a jelly donut from miles away!



This is no donut though… it’s a croissant tossed in sugar, fried and filled with jelly.  Quite an angelic form of a jelly donut.



There’s even a powdered sugar/Bavarian cream version.  And they will FedEx these sweet bits of Heaven right to your door!!!



Really, there are no words that I can use to fully describe how delicious these croissants are.  No regular jelly donut will ever be good enough for me anymore, I’m ruined!  : )  The Montauk Bake Shoppe is open from March through December, starting at 6am.  Lines out the door aren’t uncommon, but well worth the wait.


THANK YOU to my bestest, Lauren, and her family Danielle, Cheryl, Maureen, Marianne, Kerry, and Kathy for spending the day with me and letting me eat your tasty treats!  : )

Celebrating Dad’s birthday with steak & seafood!

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This past week my family went out for a wonderful dinner at 21 Main Steak House to celebrate my father’s birthday.  The restaurant is located on Long Island’s South Shore on Montauk Highway in Sayville.  Sayville is just chocked full of wonderful spots to eat!



Cheers to our favorite man on his birthday!  I regret not ordering a second Bloody Mary that night… so delicious!


My sister, my dad, and myself squeezing in a quick photo shoot before salads were brought out.  I had a wonderful wedge salad {always one of my fav menu items} with a gorgonzola chive dressing.  A-maz-ing!




I was waving between the Tuna Steak or the Seared Scallops as an entree… fortunately my mother took the advice of our server and ordered the scallops.  Don’t get me wrong, the tuna was wonderful {A huge tuna steak cooked rare with edamame-ginger puree, pink peppercorn sesame crust, roasted Japanese eggplant & marinated carrot threads} ~ but the scallops…. mind-blowingly-fabulous.  They were enormous, perfectly seared and served with kiwi-strawberry salad, with a passion fruit & vanilla bean vinaigrette.  So light and summery – and I’m in awe at how well the fruit pairs with the scallop.


After a couple cappuccinos our night ended… and it couldn’t have been more lovely.


21 Main Steak House – 21 Montauk Hwy West Sayville, NY 11796


Missed the NYC Feast? Head out east!

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Most New Yorkers associate the Feast of San Gennaro with New York City… but this year Hampton Bays will be hosting the first San Gennaro Feast of the Hamptons.  It’ll take place Saturday and Sunday, October 1st & 2nd, on Good Ground Road (LIRR station).  The feast has been organized by Simone Scotto, owner of Scotto’s Italian Pork Store in Hampton Bays.  Expect around 50 vendors showcasing traditional Italian cuisine and wine tastings by Rafael Wines & Vineyard 48 – also live entertainment, a classic car show and activities & rides for the kids!  The Hamptons crowd tends to die down after Labor Day, so this will help bring business to the area during the off season.  A parade will kick off the weekend feast on Saturday morning at 11a.m. and from 5pm – 9pm on Saturday Joseph R. Gannascoli (Vito from the Sopranos) will be doing a book signing.  So head to the East End – and mangia!