Celebrate with your little piggies!

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Once again I’m showing you that every day there is something to celebrate!  Today.. Pigs in a blanket!!  These popular appetizer snacks are perfect for foodies of all ages.  How do you prefer your pigs in a blanket?  Maybe the traditional way… or perhaps you stick a slice of cheese in there too, like a mini cheese dog… maybe you fancy it up with some poppy or sesame seeds {put a little swipe of egg wash on top of the pasty and sprinkle seeds on so they stick}?



And most important, did you know that pigs in a blanket are perfect for breakfast too???



Wrap your sausage links in pancakes and dip in your favorite syrup!  What a great holiday today is  :  )

Congrats recent COLLEGE GRADS!!!!

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It’s that time of year when we all become inundated with graduation party invitations.  Friends, family, colleagues, peers – they’re all suiting up in a cap & gown come May and June… even mothers!  Yes, after much hard work {and much less time than it took me, mind you} my own Mama will be receiving her Bachelor’s Degree next month.  Stay tuned for some fun grad party recipes.  Oh, and enjoy watching your buddies transition back from a life of caffeine, ramen noodles and liquor!

Better tweak your kitchen skills!

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In a recent interview with Marie Claire, Blake Lively told the the world, “To be around me, you must love food.”  Amen sista!!  Our favorite Gossip Girl dished about what she looks for in a boyfriend – and it seems like non-foodies need not apply for the position.  She’s amidst a big cooking phase in her life and only wants someone who can share in that passion with her.


It’s speculated that the the 24 year old actress is dating Ryan Reynolds – so I guess it’s safe to assume he knows his way around a kitchen.  The dashing duo was recently spotting in Washington D.C. together, as reported by People - and their appetites were front and center. Lively & Reynolds hit up not one, but two Italian restaurants in 24 hours, Graffiato and Sette Osteria.  In the interview Lively went on to say that anyone vying for her heart should also have a bit of fashion sense.  This girl’s got her head in the right place!

No more struggling with bags!

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I know that one of my biggest weekly obstacles to tackle is getting the endless number of grocery bags from my trunk into the house without cutting the circulation off in my arms or severing my wrists.  The “One Trip Grip Grocery Bag Holder“, I do believe, may be the end all to my problem!!  The Bag Holder, created by Infmetry, is only $5 and can hold weights up to 50lbs.  Pop the button and release your bags – it’s that easy!  Now if they would just send one to try out before i tackle the grocery store tomorrow!!

And a pledge for Non-GMO

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Have you seen this sign recently at your grocery store?  Goes to show you… don’t piss off those of us who make an all out effort to keep our bodies free from “crap.”  Obviously, we’re including soy that is “genetically modified and containing pesticides which are known carcinogens and hormone disruptors” in the term crap.


For Kashi it seems that more effort had gone into marketing the idea of healthy ingredients than actually purchasing said ingredients.  Lesson learned… just because the pretty people on the commercial look healthy and are planting flowers and picking food right from the earth and loving life – that’s not necessarily real life.. I get it



Foodista.com published this video of Kashi’s response – and I’ll quote their reaction to it, because it’s perfectly said and I’d be happy to let them their comments speak for me as well..

It’s interesting to note, that on their Facebook page, a non GMO farmer commented that he grows crops for export to Japan. He would be happy to sell them in the USA if they would pay what Japan does. There is so much more to the GMO story, than Kashi saying that *it’s just not our fault*. 

I am personally offended that they would take this type of stance. 


So now Kashi has pledged that by 2014′s end all Kashi GOLEAN cereals and Kashi Chewy Granola Bars will be Non-GMO Project Verified.  In the meantime, since I don’t plan on waiting for 2014, check out the Non-GMO Project Website to see a list of GMO free products.


A fun way to serve your drinks

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What looks like two or three stacked glasses is actually one drinking glass.  These fun cups can be ordered in black or white and come as a set with a single cup, a double and a triple stack.  Adds a whimsical touch to your morning glass of OJ or dessert time glass of milk!  Order at thinkofthe.com for $60.

Close the week with a giggle

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And once again I’d like to close out this lovely week with some photos that may give you a little chuckle, courtesy of my beloved Chive.com






Those “eggs” have left me speechless…

Have a delightful weekend everyone!