Eye Opening & Heartwarming

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In short, South Africa’s popular fast food chain, Wimpy Burgers, has created Braille menus for their sight disabled patrons that are now available at their restaurants.   And their means of spreading this information was both touching and brilliant – not to mention hugely effective!!  By creating 15 special burgers {with the help of specialty chefs the sesame seeds atop the bun where placed in Braille patterns which spelled out “100% PURE BEEF BURGER MADE FOR YOU”} they were able to reach more than 800,000 people!  Each of the special Braille burgers were given to members of the three biggest Braille institutes in South Africa.  The amazement and joy at what had been done for them is clear as day on their faces as they “read their burger buns” and word spread like wild fire through the sight impaired community and further with the help of social media.  It’s quite a moving little video to watch, yet at the same time makes you wonder why the hell didn’t America think of something like this already?????

Wake & Bake!

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Wake and bake every morning you say?  Well, to each their own – I don’t judge!  I wonder if the advertisers realized they were referencing a morning pot smoking term when they created this ad, or if they’re just innocently telling us that each morning they have fresh baked goods.  I don’t care either way as long as someone hands me a fresh flaky biscuit!


Presentation is everything!

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Even though Christmas has now come and gone, the holiday parties continue well into January!   Have a brunch planned?  Or just want to add a little holiday cheer to your kids’ breakfast this week?  Try our Butterscotch Sticky Bun recipe – but instead of slicing the roll of rough into separate pieces, shape the rolled rough into a circle {pinch the ends of the circle together so they’re connected}, and make slices along the outside rim – avoiding the center of the circle.  Then fan out the pieces so they look like a wreath and bake!  Drizzle with icing {which can even be colored red, green, or blue for the holidays!}.  Check out our Butterscotch Sticky Bun Recipe!! {and substitute the Pillsbury dough for the dough of your choice, or make it from scratch – the more dough you have the bigger your wreath will be!!}

At least it did for Starbucks…

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I tell it to you all the time… I’m a huge fan of Starbucks – at times it’s like my sanctuary.  So, when I saw this picture pop up on their Instagram I was so excited!  More delicious treats coming our way!!


After purchasing the small bakery chain, La Boulange, Starbucks will start replacing its current culinary lineup. Changes will begin to take place early next year and will appear in the Bay Area stores first then spread nationally.  Starbucks’ goal is the bring the French bakery experience to this side of the pond, the same way they made us fall in love with the Italian espresso bar experience.  The La Boulange locations currently serve French pastries along with salads and sandwiches in a casual sit-down setting.



A free cup o’joe this Thursday at 7Eleven!

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This Thursday, September 29th, at participating 7Eleven stores you can get yourself a free medium coffee from 7am-11am.  Anything for free is a great way to start your day – but free coffee really gets your morning started in the right direction!  This is part of 7Eleven’s Dip-A-Drip campaign.  You cast your votes for who you think is the biggest “drip” (aka obnoxious person) – the winning drips will be dipped into a giant mug of java, and it’s all controlled by their Facebook viewers.  Play the Facebook game successfully and you could win a $25 gift certificate.  No participation necessary to get your free cup of coffee though, so even if you’re not into Facebook drip dipping find a 7Eleven near you on Thursday morning and grab your free medium cup of goodness!

Easier, Tastier, Easier to Peel!

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I love hard boiled eggs!  I’ll eat them as is, make egg salad with them, or slice them up and add them to a cobb or spinach salad.  Then, of course, there’s always my beloved deviled eggs.  It stresses me out to boil them though.  Not because it’s ever happened to me, but because I know there’s the possibility that they’ll over boil and explode all over my kitchen if I happen to get side tracked.  So I stand there… the entire time they’re boiling.  So tedious.  So annoying.  Here’s the fix: bake them!!  The can explode, implode, do an Irish jig – whatever! It’s all contained in the oven.



And to keep them contained even better, and make it easier to remove from the oven – place the eggs in a cupcake baking tray or muffin tray!  Bake 20-30 minutes {depending on intensity of your oven} at 325°.  And always, before peeling, I shock them in ice water – it helps pull the shell away from the egg and makes it a million times easier to peel and also stops the cooking process once they’ve been removed from the oven/boiling water.

Give everyone a stache at your next fiesta!!

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These glasses really sell themselves!  We just got past “Movember” fundraising and most guys have shaved off the staches they had let grow.  Well now the fun is back!  You can pick up these pint glasses at Etsy – $25 for a set of 4.  They make an awesome gift for the fun guys & gals in your life OR buy a set or two for yourself and turn your holiday party into a Mustachio Bashio.  You know we always want you to send in your viewer uploads but more than everrrrrrr we want to see you guys using these glasses!!  There’s even a little something for your friends who don’t drink {not that you can’t throw soda in the glass and still participate, but whatever..}  You can also purchase the mustachios on sticks!  Those packages also come with lips, or pirate eye patches, Kanye’esq suglasses – fun fun fun on a stick!  Check them out: MustacheGlass