Professional & At-Home cooking shoes

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Cat Cora, the beautiful Iron Chef from the Food Network, has signed on with Moza to develop a line of women’s footwear – perfect for both professional and at-home cooks.  They’ll be available next spring as an addition to the brand’s Chef Signature Series that launched in June 2011.  Priced from $70 to $110, you’ll first be able to find them in culinary-oriented retailers.  {That’s a bit pricey for your average mom, if you ask me.. but maybe we’ll be able to find a pair in Marshalls or TJ Maxx}



This specific shoe is ideal for commercial use, but while designing her line Cora said that she kept the everyday mom in mind… working to achieve a design that can transition out of the kitchen.  Ballet flats and wedges will also be seen in colors inspired by vegetables and flowers.


I can only assume Cat Cora will make them slightly more fashionable than this series currently available from Mozo… not that sunny side up egg shoes dont hail from the forefront of fashion…