The Foie Gras Lawsuit Against USDA

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As of late, there is still no end in sight for the big foie gras debate ~ those in support of animal rights will never support foie gras, while most chefs will never entirely abandon the use of it.  Foie gras, or fatty duck liver, finds its controversy in the way in which it is created: birds are force fed swollen grain, usually maize, over an 18 day period.  About 4 pounds of grain mixed with fat are pumped into the birds’ stomachs two or three times daily.


Well now the issue is being taken to court.  The Animal Legal Defense Fund, Compassion Over Killing, the Animal Protection & Rescue League, Farm Sanctuary are slapping the USDA with a lawsuit, claiming that the Poultry Products Inspection Act (PPIA) has been violated.  The groups maintain that foie gras is made from “diseased bird organs.” Hence, allowing the sale of it is illegal.



While it’s unlikely foie gras will find itself on the illegal substance list any time soon, there’s no sign of the groups backing down either.  Both sides of the issue have launched campaigns in support of the ban or of the continued sale.  Foie supports stress the physiological differences between the flow and humans, including their lack of a gag reflex.  Anti-foie won’t have it though, they’re steadfast on the notion that it’s inhumane.  You be your own judge.